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Profit Sharing Consulting 

Central Europe
Market Entry

Modern Work Space


Since 2009 we have been setting up, managing, and reorganizing businesses in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.  

Our main competence is medical devices and foodstuffs.


Until now we have managed to scale up multiple entities achieving fast growth, significant brand awareness, and what is most important - creating a compliant and corruption-free business environment in Central and Eastern Europe.

If you search for a partner that will lead, supervise and advise on Central Europe activities - you are in the right place


We strive to make Central Europe region attractive to invest for everyone who is hesitant to make the first step for any reason.


We care about operations - our customers about their core business

We focus on profits hidden in our customer`s overheads 

We support profit sharing on any project we participate

We are a paper-free company

We support limiting consumption 

We want to grow in a sustainable way

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